2012 Club Meeting Minutes




 Members in Attendance:

Ray Rocker, WQ5L (Treasurer)

George Bethea, K5JZ

Bobby Allen, KF5BA

Bill Breeden, NA5DX

Joe Butler, K5JB

Victor West, N5YY

Bob Kilroy, WB8BIE

Mark Denton, W5MDX

Mike Streeter, WM5DX

Terry Hull, AE5RI (Vice President)

Travis Wade, K5QJ (President)

Jeff Smith, N9OKV


Travis K5QJ called the meeting to order at 8:05am, and led the pledge of allegiance. The prayer was led by Bobby KF5BA.

 Ray WQ5L acting as Secretary reported that he had no minutes from the previous meeting to read. Jeff N9OKV motioned to dispense with reading of minutes. George K5JZ seconded. Motion passed.

 Ray WQ5L presented the Treasurer's report. General fund balance began at $2570.29, income received from DX Dinner $246.54, expenses paid related to DX Dinner awards $85.70, ending balance $2731.13.  The training fund is unchanged at $108.59.  Jeff N9OKV motioned to accept.  Bill NA5DX seconded.  Motion passed.

 Ray WQ5L presented an annual report (attached) detailing the club's income and expenditures by budget line item in 2011, as well as a balance sheet.  Vic N5YY recommended changing a Training Fund line item from "Class Dues" to "Book Fees", which was agreed to.

 George K5JZ presented an award "PhD in the Scientific Art of DX" to Joe K5JB, which was originally scheduled for presentation at the DX Dinner.

 Travis K5QJ announced that the BOD has determined that a dues rate of $35 would be sufficient, along with the ICOM raffle in progress and other donations/raffles, to fully cover the Club's proposed 2012 budget.  Joe K5JB moved to set the dues to $35 for 2012 only.  Bob WB8BIE seconded. Motion passed.

 Travis K5QJ announced that the BOD has appointed Ed KA5VFU to the Member At Large position on the BOD.

 Travis K5QJ briefly mentioned recent findings related to the Club's 501C3 status, specifically that we are not exempt from state sales tax.

 Members discussed the idea of having representatives from the three major Coast clubs in the area training classes.  It was agreed that this is a good idea.  No formal action taken.

 Ray WQ5L discussed web hosting options with QTH.com and QSL.net. QSL.net offers free hosting but not using your own domain name.  Ray recommended the Starter Plan at QTH.com which is about $60/year.  George K5JZ moved to purchase this service.  Bobby KF5BA seconded.  Motion passed.

 Travis K5QJ thanked the members of the 2011 GSDXA board for their service.

 Terry AE5RI on behalf of the BOD extended an invitation to the MCARA to participate along with GSDXA in the CQ WW 160 Phone contest in February.  Bobby KF5BA (MCARA President) will forward the invitation to their membership.  Our result in the 2011 CQ 160 event was also announced.

 Members discussed the adoption of a DXpedition policy and letter to provide to DXpeditions who solicit donations.  It was decided that we should begin with the policy and letter already used by MDXA and tailor it specifically for GSDXA.  No formal action.

 Ray WQ5L presented the proposed budget for 2012.  It was decided to return the budget item for DX Dinner to $500 to provide a larger cushion for upfront expenses should they be needed.  The PO Box Rental fee line item was increased by $4 to $50 in case of USPS price hikes.  Vic N5YY suggested that the Club cover the fee for Honor Roll plaques for members who reach that pinnacle of DX.  Mike WM5DX suggested a plaque for members who reach 300 or 310 countries confirmed as a more reachable goal.  It was agreed to increase the "K5GDX QSLs & Awards" line item to $250 to allow for such awards.  Bobby KF5BA moved to approve the 2012 budget as amended (attached).  Vic N5YY seconded.  Motion passed.

 Members discussed the idea of partnering with MDXA and/or MCARA for Field Day as we have done in the past.  Bob WB8BIE mentioned the Keesler ARC as well.  It was agreed that such multi-club Field Day efforts are good for the community and should be pursued.  No formal action.

 Joe K5JB thanked the club for their cards and well-wishes during his recent hospital stay.

 Joe K5JB moved to adjourn at 9:19am.  Bob WB8BIE seconded.  Motion passed.


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