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                       == KA5VFU/R Repeater Status ==

The KA5VFU repeater is back in service on the WXXV-TV tower at the 300' level and antenna directional toward the north. Some members including our NCS are still out of range. Friday Night DX Net operation is sporadic at best for the time being. We'll post updates as they become available.

                    == Hurricane Zeta, October 28 2020 ==

Hurricane Zeta inflicted considerable damage on the K5GDX club station. Images and commentary may be found in the Events area under Hurricane Zeta.     

The extent of the damage is being assessed and the way forward is under consideration. Stay tuned.

                              == GSDXA July Events ==

The July club meeting will be held on Saturday the 16th at 11:30am at El Saltillo Restaurant in Long Beach (115 N Cleveland Ave, in the Winn-Dixie shopping center). We'll be in the semi-private room in back.

                            == GSDXA Field Day 2021 ==

At least eight GSDXA members were active in ARRL Field Day 2021. The club sponsored some awards for those making the most QSO. See who won on the Field Day 2021 Events page.

WM5DX GDX MotY 2021
NF4J GDX DXotY 2021

Congratulations to GSDXA Member of the Year, Mike WM5DX (L) and DX Achievement, Danny NF4J (R) award winners for 2021! The awards were presented at our Christmas party at El Saltillo restaurant in Long Beach. (Photos courtesy of Bobby KF5BA)

Mike WM5DX, Ray WQ5L, Charlie WD5BJT, and Yvette AE5MI racked up 1291 Qs and over 1M points as K5GDX in the 2021 CQ WW RTTY contest from Mike's excellent M/2 station.

Bill, NA5DX receiving the DX Hogg plaque for 2018.

K5GDX scored some new wallpaper in the form of several single-band DXCCs and the 200 Country endorsement for Mixed. Thanks to all who contributed operating time!






Everyone welcome to join us for the DX net!!

Thanks, Terry, for a fine job as net control.

Come join us on the 147.375 DX repeater 



         Bill, NA5DX receiving his DX Hogg plaque for 2018.

Ray, WQ5L Top Band DXCC

Ray, WQ5L initiated into the Top Band DXCC club by WD5BJT.

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