Hurricane Zeta -- October 28, 2020

Category 2 Hurricane Zeta rolled through coastal Mississippi during the early evening of Wednesday the 28th, inflicting serious damage on the K5GDX club station.

We had no idea that the very large oak tree next to the clubhouse was hollow inside until Zeta broke it off near the base and sent it crashing through the north wall of the clubhouse.

All pictures courtesy of WD5BJT, KK5DNA, and WQ5L.

Some more views of the clubhouse after the tree was cut away.

We were very fortunate that the tree struck the side of the building away from the radio and computer equipment. The bathroom and kitchen areas took the hit.

The antenna farm also suffered serious damage. The tribander on this tower is barely recognizable and the 2 meter beam above it is bent but not broken. Our two other tribanders survived the ordeal.

The tilt base of the tower supporting the 40 meter beam failed, sending the antenna to the ground. The bottom section of the tower is also twisted. The antenna itself appears to be in good shape with only some bent element tips.

The 6 meter tower also fell partway, but the antenna is not broken. One element half came loose at the clamp.

Our 160 meter Spiderpole antenna did not fare well in the hurricane force winds. It used to be a lot taller than this. Our 80 meter vertical had been cranked down prior to the storm and took no damage.

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