Ladies and Gentlemen: at the last club meeting it was discussed that we might use the Hooterville clubhouse on the last Saturday morning of each month for a social gathering where we might exchange pleasantries, gossip about anything and everything (except Tomatoes), bragg about our latest contacts, certificates, cards and achievements, how well our dogs behave, the fish we caught and how well the kids are doing at texting. It will also be an opportunity to watch videos, demonstrate equipment and software and all that stuff. Also to introduce any prospective new members. There will be no formal program. The intent was to start in January.


Well, certain exemplary members have decided that it would be a great idea to have a test run on Saturday 29th October. As a special incentive to attend two members will be demonstrating their culinary expertise by providing coffee and donuts.


Hooterville will be open by 9.00am, y'all come!


For you contesting members, the Worked all Europe RTTY contest is on November 12th. This is the one that has the very weird QTC traffic action and is a lot of fun. The Writelog contesting program handles QTC's very well and I will bring a laptop and try to demonstrate how to set up and use QTC's.


73, Mike, WM5DX.









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