The K5GDX Gulf of Mexico Award.


The object of the award is to promote contacts between members of the Great Southern DX Association (K5GDX) in south Mississippi and the Cray Valley Radio Society in London, England.


The award is to be sponsored by a member(s) of the K5GDX club at no cost to either club.


The rules are as follows:


1)  Open to all members of the Cray Valley Radio Society operating from any European country.


2) Must work members of the Great Southern DX Association, K5GDX, who are in the United States, using either the members own call sign or the K5GDX club call. Members list at 

In addition to normal on air activity of K5GDX members the K5GDX club will endeavor      to put several operators on the air on a few pre-determined days during the year with sufficient notification to allow CV-RS members to be aware of the activity. (For example, but not limited to, when K5GDX is operating in a contest).


3) Three plaques will be awarded annually to members of the CV-RS club who achieve the greatest number of contacts with K5GDX members in the year. In the event of members having an equal number of contacts the plaques will be presented to the members who completed their contacts earliest in the year.


4)  Within 1 month of a QSO with a K5GDX member the CV-RS member shall advise WM5DX or any K5GDX board member by any means, preferably e-mail, that the contact has been made. The contact will then be checked against the log of the K5GDX member and confirmed back to the CV-RS member.


5) No QSL cards are required. The contact may be on any band and mode and should include the signal report and call sign of the operator. Multiple contacts on the same day are permitted provided that they are a different band or mode.


6) In 2015 the award period will be from 1st March 2015 until 31st October 2015, to allow time for the plaques to be prepared and sent to England for presentation by the end of the year. In subsequent years the award period shall run from 1st November until 31st October.


7) The award may be discontinued at any time at the discretion of the K5GDX Board of Directors. (For example, due to lack of participation).










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