Would like to thank Alexey Ogorodov (HC2AO) one our members on his 

  comments on VP8 pileups . Thanks for your letter to the club Alexey.

The latter is following:

Let me be a jerk, but it´s better than to be a hypocrite. VP8STI-SGI, ET7L pileups were the last straws.  

Two phrases are often heard in ham community but sound farther and  farther from truth: ham spirit and gentlemen’s band. C’mon, folks, be honest – do you really believe that we are still gentlemen possessing the proverbial ham spirit?

 I can only laugh after listening to any pileup small or big, for a rare DX or a special event. A1-ops and FOC, and all kind of other elite DX Club members, not all but quite a few, those, who are sworn to DX Code of Conduct raw and file fellows behave worse than mental institution patients as if it were their last deed on the Earth. Shame. Needless to mention the behavior of raw and file fellow amateurs  - if the best of the best set them such a “great” role model.  I ain´t no saint and I don’t prophesize anything but I strongly believe and exercise simple rules: 

I don’t call if I don’t hear the station.

I don’t call if I’m not sure who I’m calling.

I don’t call if I have that country confirmed on that band and if there are more pretenders. I always assume that for someone it can be a coveted new one.

I don’t tune on DX’s frequency.

I don’t comment or command on DX’s frequency.

I don’t call if I don’t hear my call full or partial from the DX.

I don’t call if DX wants not my area.

I don´t call a DX if I don´t like his-her operation style and/or integrity.

There are other do nots but those are personal.  


With all due respect,

Alex, HC2AO aka Jerk






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