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Hooterville Operation Center  update

Carlin Brooken (KE5QIK)

ICOM 7300

Member of the year 2016

Hog award 2016

Alex HC2AO   

          == Hooterham News: The GSDXA Newsletter ==

We have a new newsletter, edited by Mike, WM5DX. Check it out in the DX NEWS section: GSDXA Newsletter



New Board for 2017

Bruce Osterberg (N9BX) Vice President, Ray Rocker (WQ5L) President, Charlie Otnott (WD5BJT) Secertary, Ed Byrd (KA5VFU) Treasurer   





Everyone welcome to join us for the DX net!!

Thanks, Terry, for a fine job as net control.

Come join us on the 147.375 DX repeater 

We will be moving the net start time from 7pm to 8pm starting March 16th, 2018.  



               == GSDXA September Events == 

September Meeting: Sat the 15th 0800 at Garden Park Hospital cafeteria. Breakfast at 0730.

September Open House: Sat the 22nd 0900 at Hooterville Operations Center. 



Hooterville Operation Center  update

July 4, 2016 you can see we had a great morning install the new computer monitors and new TV, monitor, DVD machine on the North wall. We would like to thank every one that came out to help and get this little project finished. You can see the new track lighting and fan that has been installed. THANKS again for all the Hard work and help..


ICOM 7300

Main Prize at the DX Dinner


George Bethea  Winner of the Icom 7300 at the 

Christmas party for 2016  


 Alex HC2AO

Alex HC2AO and the Guayaquil Radio Club sent our club an absolutely beautiful plaque, thanking our club for donating and helping in the aftermath of the 2016 earthquake that hit Ecuador. It shall reside in the highest place of honor in the clubhouse!! I have emailed Alex and let him know that we received it and thanked him and the Guayaquil Radio Club for such a heart warming HONOR! We truly have a sister club in Ecuador!!! 



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Congratulations on receiving DXCC certificate for your first 100  



 Congratulations to Bobby from Dave Norris (K5UZ) on his10Meter First         Place  single operation lower power for 2015  


                          Mike Streeter WM5DX

   Recived the member of the year for 2016  


Bill Breeden NA5DX   

        received the Hog award for the 2016   



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